15 alternatives to replace Xmarks

You probably heard that LastPass will discontinue Xmarks. Since the servers will go offline as soon as May 1st, this leaves you little time to look for an alternative. However, this won’t be the end: I compiled a list of 15 alternatives to Xmarks that you can use to replace your favorite bookmark sync tool.

The best 6 Xmarks alternatives

First of all, to help you decide, we wrote reviews on the 6 best Xmarks replacements. We listed all of them, linking to their in-depth reviews.

  1. start.me 
    5 out of 5 stars

    Our favorite bookmarking tool is start.me. start.me is a powerful and visual bookmark manager that opens on your new tab page. This way you’ll always have quick access to your favorite sites.
  2. Raindrop.io 
    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Raindrop is a nice bookmarking service for all platforms and browsers. With it, you can save your bookmarks into folders (aka Groups). As a result, you can access your information from any location.
  3. Atavi 
    4.2 out of 5 stars

    Atavi is a free bookmark manager. It allows you to bookmark the websites you need, group them the way you want and sync the bookmarks with any device: PC, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.
  4. Pinboard 
    4.1 out of 5 stars

    Pinboard is a social bookmarking website developed and run by Maciej Cegłowski. It is a fast, no-nonsense bookmarking site for people who value privacy and speed.
  5. Bookmark Ninja 
    4 out of 5 stars

    Bookmark Ninja is a clean, powerful bookmark manager. Bookmarks are stored on a visual dashboard and can be organized by Tabs and Categories.
  6. Toby 
    3.8 out of 5 stars

    Toby is the new-kid on the block. It’s a browser extension that helps you organize your tabs on every new page. Toby is available on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

And 9 more Xmark replacements for you to try

Secondly, there are various less wonderful Xmarks alternatives around. We have looked at many of them. After that, we’ve decided several were worth mentioning, even though they weren’t as good as the 6 I listed above. At some point, we will provide in-depth reviews. For now, just short mentions.

  • EverySync
    Sync your bookmarks across all platforms
  • RoboForms
    Password manager with integrated bookmark manager support
  • Papaly
    A dashboard for your links
  • Diigo
    A versatile and powerful bookmark manager app.
  • Booky
    Another web-based bookmark manager
  • Instapaper
    Save interesting pages so you can read them later
  • GGather
    Collect anything from the Internet and easily rediscover it later
  • Dropmark
    Organize, curate and share bookmarks
  • Pearltrees
    Organize everything

In short, it’s clear that syncing bookmarks for free between Chrome and Firefox is dead in the water. Once upon a time, Xmarks got downloaded no less than 150.000 times a week! But nobody wanted to pay a dime to keep them afloat. It’s a shame, really.

Still, if there’s anything we hope to accomplish here, it’s to prove to you, that are a lot of options out there. Many of them free, or free to try. Some of them wonderful and useful for everyday use. For example, start.me or Raindrop.io.

Why don’t you try your luck? And please let us know what you think: if there’s anything we really like, it’s a discussion about things that matter in life. Even if it’s just a small thing, like a bookmark manager or bookmark sync service.

What are the best alternatives to Xmarks?

xmarks alternatives
Xmarks alternatives

Unfortunately, the immensely popular bookmark sync service Xmarks stopped working on May 1st. Or as LogMeIn, the parent company of LastPass, puts it: she retired. LastPass acquired Xmarks Sync in 2010, and then sold it to LogMeIn in 2015. Ever since LastPass bought Xmarks, things started going downhill. We didn’t see any new features. They essentially abandoned Xmarks.

What a shame!

There’s a good reason why it’s a shame that Xmarks is gone. The program started out as Foxmarks, an extension for the Firefox browser. It gave the users the option to take bookmarks from that browser, and use it in Safari, Google Chrome or the Internet Explorer. Goodbye customer lock-in!

Over 150,000 users installed the extension every month, and in their heydays, they counted over 3 million users. Talk about solving an apparent problem!

And now they’re gone forever. So yes, it’s high time to look into the best alternatives for Xmarks.

Many Xmarks alternatives

There are many alternatives for Xmarks, fortunately. We compiled a list of apps, sites, and services that you can use to keep your bookmarks safe. Not all of these services are wonderful, but many of them are worth looking at. We did just that. With a curious eye we tried every single Xmarks Alternative out there.

What we discovered

The first and major thing we discovered, is the end of cross-browser synchronization. It’s mostly dead in the water. That’s the hard truth of today. Are you looking for an exact replacement of Xmarks, you’re not going to find it. Most browsers offer handheld versions of their browser, so you can use the same programme on your laptop or standing in the train. No need to synchronize, you would say. No wonder Xmarks died.

There’s still a need

Now that most browsers promote their built-in bookmark synchronizer, you would think there’s no need for a separate solution. In this regard, we can understand the decision to retire Xmarks. Still, there are solutions out there, that really seem to offer something extra. Something the browsers just don’t seem to get a grip on.

What’s that problem? We called it fast navigation to many known destinations.

That’s where cloud-based bookmark managers come in. They don’t require you to type in the same destination all the time, as you’re required by Google. One search box, and that’s it. They even offer more than the speed dial solutions the new browsers seem to promote recently.

So, if you’re looking for functionality and beauty in your life, there are options. And if you want to work with different machines, maybe an Apple at work or a Windows at home, you could use more options than Chrome. Especially if you’re interested in supporting an independent company or developer, instead of feeding the biggest data-mogul in the world. 

Moving to a different service

So, before you click through, make sure your old bookmarks are available in your new tool as well. Just make sure you’ve exported them to an HTML-file. This is the data you need, to import everything into your new tool. And then you’re off to the races!