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Still on our List of Xmarks alternatives: Everhelper
Still on our List of Xmarks alternatives: Everhelper

Besides the options we’ve already covered, there are several other reasonable alternatives to Xmarks out there. Not as good asĀ, but decent none-the-less. I will review this list of Xmarks options later. Here’s a selection:

  • EverySync ( – Sync a lot of data across all platforms.
  • RoboForm ( is a password manager with integrated bookmark manager support. While they emphasize their security features, the integration with bookmarks makes it a clear Xmarks alternative.
  • Papaly ( – A dashboard for your links. This bookmark manager is text-based. It feels a bit less modern in its approach. Still, it’s a versatile system for anyone looking to organize a lot of links. No other widgets available, by the way.
  • Diigo ( is a powerful knowledge system. It saves your bookmarks but also lets you annotate websites and PDF’s. Power users could do worse!
  • Booky ( – Another web-based bookmark manager
  • Instapaper ( – Save new articles so you can read them on mobile devices.
  • GGather ( – Collect anything from the Internet and read it later.
  • Dropmark ( – Organize, curate, and share bookmarks.
  • Pearltrees ( – Organize everything.

If you can’t wait to see new reviews, try this site: A great read!

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