Export your bookmarks from Xmarks to make a backup

It will be May 1st really soon. After that date, Xmarks won’t be available anymore. To be sure you won’t lose any valuable data, make sure to backup your bookmarks! The easiest way to do this is by exporting all of your bookmarks. Instructions on how to export your bookmarks can be found on the Xmarks site.

How to export your Xmarks bookmarks

  1. Open Xmarks (go to my.xmarks.com) and make sure you are signed in;
  2. From the Tools menu select Export Bookmarks to HTML;
  3. Choose where you want to save the HTML file.

Export bookmarks from XmarksWhat to do with the Xmarks HTML export file?

Once you have exported your bookmarks, you are basically left with a plain HTML file containing all of your bookmarks. This file can be opened directly in your browser and you will get a rudimentary list of all your bookmarks. So that is sort of the backup plan. But there are better ways to use this export file.

Almost all browsers and bookmark managers support the HTML format for importing bookmarks. So if you like to move your bookmarks to some other tool, all you would have to do is to find the import option of your new app. Usually it is called something like Import bookmarks.

These are some of the tools I would recommend you to try: